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ERIS Collection Presents
Art Harding's Instant Face and Neck Lift

Art Harding's Instant Face and Neck Lift was once known only to makeup artists as an easy way to give actors a more youthful appearance on screen. But it's now available for everyone who wants a temporary lift...Without Drugs or Surgery!

In 60 seconds, besides making your neck more beautiful, eyes are opened, cheeks are smooth and excess skin of the chin is drastically diminished.

-Naima - Chino Hills, CA

This is my second order. There will be more to come from myself and others. Your pro​duct is MAGIC.

- Janice - Glendale, AZ

At first I only used the lift on special occasions, now I use it even when I go to the market - it's so easy and comfortable.

- Carol - Stevensville, AL

I love how sexy I feel when I'm wearing the lifts. No one can believe that I'm in my late 40's.

The Instant Face Lift is now available outside the US exclusively through our vendors. Click HERE for details.